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Social Media Marketing Services are essential for all businesses. Whether you are b2b focused or, you provide consumer services or products, there’s a digital solution for you. Seensocial is a social media management and digital marketing company based in Eye, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border. We create successful social media campaigns. We also work with companies to market brands through great visuals, animation, video and content. Our, fast, responsive, SEO friendly websites also ensure your brand has good online visibility.



Our social media marketing services can range from helping a business to select and set up the right platforms, to providing an entire end-to-end service. We can produce your branded content and graphics, as well as your promotional videos and social media adverts.

Our packages include managing multiple platforms and using scheduling software that optimizes your posting times. We also provide progress reports on how your social media campaigns are performing. We produce social media analysis reports that you can commission for your business. These are in-depth studies that look at your industry competitors, to discover the clearest way forward for your social media strategy.


We design and deliver fast, responsive, visually beautiful websites. Our aim is to provide online platforms that represent your business and delivers good results. These days, websites must be responsive. Because the latest research indicates that more than 70% of websites are accessed via handheld devices. These range in size from mobile phones to tablets and full-sized iPads. Your website needs to look good in all these formats.

But the work on a website doesn’t just end with the design process. Optimization for performance and SEO (search engine optimisation) are also services we offer. A basic website build comes with speed optimization included, as well as basic SEO. We can then provide ongoing management and maintenance, as well as services that include updating and adding to your content.



The quality of the images you present online, reflect massively on the impression your business makes. Remember, first impressions are often lasting ones. So, making sure your business looks good on your website and your marketing materials, should be a priority.

We provide professional photography services to businesses at competitive rates. We work in partnership with England Studios – a commercial photography concern with twenty years experience in portrait, event, lifestyle and interior photography. Prices vary, from £150 for an hour-long, on-location shoot with editing included, to a day rate for bigger shoots, for £600. For more information on prices, visit our Services & Prices page


Our branded content can be in image, graphic or video formats. We provide these services be cause we recognise that businesses don’t always have access to graphic design services. Making your mark on social media platforms and your website, is essential these days.

The world online is incredibly competitive and it takes a lot of thought and expertise, to ensure your products stand out online. Furthermore, a recent study by Hubspot revealed that a massive 70% of customers discovered new brands and products on social media, rather than searching for them in search engines.

Video content is now used as frequently as images to promote services and brands. But creating good quality promotional videos and adverts, requires skill, time and specialized software. We can provide your business with beautifully branded, on-point video content that can sell and promote your business online. And, we can do it at competitive prices. Choose from slide, animation and stock video footage. We can also edit your footage to fit.



Video content and dynamic posts that grab your audience’s attention, are essential in today’s highly competitive social media marketing environment. You literally have a window of just two seconds, to capture the attention of a possible lead or customer. Never underestimate the power of branded video content. And, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We can help. Find out more here.